Gold Clockwork Orange Mambo

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Gold Clockwork Orange Mambo


For all those dedicated Clockwork fans, order your Limited Edition and Exclusive bracelets from us now!  LL Loves have a brand new collaboration with the legendary club event that is Clockwork Orange. Celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year and with a huge line up of events throughout 2018, Clockwork founders Danny Gould & Andy Manston and LL Loves decided to create a range of jewellery to mark the quadranscentennial birthday.

Made from a mix of Yellow Gold filled medium sized beads featuring the Clockwork logo on a Yellow Gold Vermeil tag. Th logo is featured each side of the disc.

LL Loves will be visiting the events in Ibiza this year, so you'll be able to add more exclusive designs if you are going.

All items from this range come in the exclusive Clockwork/ LL Loves jewellery pouch.

This bracelet is made at a standard size of 7".

Gold filled is also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate"  and is composed of a solid layer of gold boneded with heat and pressure to a base metal. It will last up to 30 years without wearing through and is much more valuble and long wearing than gold plated jewellery.

Gold Vermeil, is 24 Carat Gold bonded onto 925 Sterling Silver.

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