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Camilla Colours Malachite

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Introduce some colour into your stack with our collection of Camilla Colour bracelets.
This piece is made from a mix of medium sized Malachite stones and Sterling Silver.
They make a great addition to your collection with our unique LL logo bead. This item is presented in the trademark LL packaging. No charms, just colour.

Malachite is an emerald green stone that features a beautiful swirl. It is said to be a strong stone with healing properties. Known as a calming stone that can help with lowering blood pressure and helps to heal bones. Thanks to its strong feminine energy, Malachite is also a stone that lends a hand to period problems like menstrual cramps and making the body flow in better harmony when it comes to labor pains. It has earned its other name as the Midwife Stone. Also a great stone for travellers, it has been told that Malachite can calm and diminish fears and help travel sickness. 

Our standard bracelet size is 7”. This can be changed to suit your size specification at no extra charge if we are notified of the sizing at the time of ordering. If a bracelet needs altering in size after purchase it will incur a small restringing charge.

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