Rose Gold Crystal Birthstone Bracelet

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Perfect for collecting, as a birthday gift, or to commemorate the birth of a baby! 

Our Birthstone Bracelets are made from a mix of 3mm Rose Gold Filled balls with the sparkling crystal birthstones from the chosen month. Each bracelet features our uniquely designed Rose Gold Vermeil star with centre crystal. 

As with all LL bracelets, our birthstone bracelet comes with the trademark tag and is presented in the LL Loves packaging. 

The standard sized bracelet is 7". This size can be changed at no extra cost up to 8" to suit your size specification if we are notified at checkout.

Buying as a gift? You can send your piece straight to the recipient, have it gift wrapped and add a gift note. Options available at checkout.



January - Garnet (Dark Red)

February - Amethyst (Dark Purple)

March - Aquamarine (Light Blue)

April - Crystal (Clear)

May - Emerald (Dark Green)

June - Pearl (Creamy White)

July - Ruby (Red)

August - Peridot (Light Green)

September - Sapphire (Deep Blue)

October - Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

November - Topaz (Burnt Orange)

December - Turquoise (Turquoise Blue)


Price is per bracelet 


Rose Gold filled is also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" and is composed of a solid layer of 14k Rose gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal. It will last years without wearing through and is much more valuable and long wearing than gold plated jewellery.

Rose Gold Vermeil, is 24 Carat Gold bonded onto 925 Sterling Silver.


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