Swarovski Birthstone Bracelet

Perfect for collecting, as a birthday gift, or to commemorate the birth of a baby!

Our new Birthstone Bracelets are made from a mix of 3mm Sterling Silver balls with the sparkling Swarovski birthstones from the chosen month. Each bracelet features our uniquely designed star with centre crystal. 

Also available for little girls age 3+  

All our pieces come with the LL signature silver tag in the logo packaging. 

Price is for 1 bracelet. Gift wrap options are available in our shop.

January - Garnet (Dark Red)

February - Amethyst (Dark Purple)

March - Aquamarine (Light Blue)

April - Crystal (Clear)

May - Emerald (Dark Green)

June - Pearl (Creamy White)

July - Ruby (Red)

August - Peridot (Light Green)

September - Sapphire (Deep Blue)

October - Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

November - Topaz (Burnt Orange)

December - Turquoise (Turquoise Blue)


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